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John Evdemon

What will happen to the Stock Market if President Trump is impeached?

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These are the ony presidents to have been impeached (Nixon resigned before he was impeached).The stock market is like a young person with attention deficit disorder (ADD). It tends to place far too much emphasis on political events that are unrelated to the revenues and earnings of private companies. In other words, the stock market overreacts. A lot.

It seems likely that the House is leaning towards impeaching the president. Following an indictment by the House, a “trial” would occur in the Senate. The Senate acts as a jury and decides whether or not to impeach the President.  Impeachment requires two-thirds of the Senate (67 of 100 Senators) to vote YES, Given the current representation in the Senate it seems very unlikely that the President will be impeached. 

This means the House will reprimand the President with impeachment hearings for historical records and no substantive changes will occur. The House impeachment process will only be ceremonial. 

 The last time a president was impeached the stock market remained relatively stable. When it comes to impeachment I hope that past performance is an indicator of future results.


Why "polyticks"?  Because politics derives from poly (meaning "many") and ticks (meaning "blood suckers")