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Drinking with Steven Soderbergh

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Last night Central Cinema hosted a Singani brandy tasting party with director Steven Soderbergh. It was a fun night, hosted by his beautiful daughter.

I never tried a Singani brandy before - apparently it's only made in a 20k acre area of Bolivia.  Absolutely delicious.  Very flowery and aromatic with a sweet, fruity taste.

I had a quick chat with Steven Soderbergh and told him that I really liked Kafka. He laughed and yelled "so YOU'RE the guy". He was surprisingly down to earth and hung out with anyone that wanted to talk or have a drink with him. Not all at all what I expected a successful Hollywood director to act like.  

He briefly joked about showing Contagion given the panic over coronavirus. He nicely thanked the audience for coming out despite the ongoing scares about coronavirus.

The film he chose to show was a remastered version of Bubble. Interesting film. Many of the people in it reminded me of the characters I grew up with in Western PA.