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John Evdemon

Fluent is a syntax concern that shouldn't be solved via interface design. Not everything behaves like a sub.

John Evdemon

Drinking with Steven Soderbergh

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Last night Central Cinema hosted a Singani brandy tasting party with director Steven Soderbergh. It was a fun night, hosted by his beautiful daughter.

I never tried a Singani brandy before - apparently it's only made in a 20k acre area of Bolivia.  Absolutely delicious.  Very flowery and aromatic with a sweet, fruity taste.

I had a quick chat with Steven Soderbergh and told him that I really liked Kafka. He laughed and yelled "so YOU'RE the guy". He was surprisingly down to earth and hung out with anyone that wanted to talk or have a drink with him. Not all at all what I expected a successful Hollywood director to act like.  

He briefly joked about showing Contagion given the panic over coronavirus. He nicely thanked the audience for coming out despite the ongoing scares about coronavirus.

The film he chose to show was a remastered version of Bubble. Interesting film. Many of the people in it reminded me of the characters I grew up with in Western PA.

John Evdemon

Not surprised to see Peopleware and Mythical Man Month are still on this list.

John Evdemon

Consistency is not possible without architectural principles. Are you building solutions or technical debt?

John Evdemon

Interesting "stateful platform that provides low-latency mutable state and communication"

John Evdemon

Monday, January 27, 2020

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You never really own anything you buy digitally

Electronic Arts’ iOS Tetris games will not only be disappearing from the App Store on April 21, but the games themselves will no longer be playable on iPhones and iPads—even if you paid for them.  This is why I still buy CDs and physical books from artists and authors I love.

Inspiring quote from a great book

"In these great crises of life, man is strong only as he is strong from within, and the more he depends on himself the stronger will he become, and the more able will he be to help others in the hour of their need."



Many software engineering problems are never solved.

They're simply moved to another platform and renamed. DLL Hell is still a very real problem - now it's called Nuget.

John Evdemon

What happens during cold start of an Azure Function

John Evdemon

Saturday, January 18, 2020

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The Brilliance of John Carpenter

If you are a film buff you should be reading Cinephelia & Beyond. C&B is a wonderful website with deep analysis on films of all genres. The articles are well-written and frequently feature additional bonuses such as scripts, behind-the-scenes featurettes, director's notes and much more.  This month they have a great article on one of my favorite filmakers - John Carpenter. John Carpenter may be best known for making the original Halloween but he's also made some wonderful comedies and a remake that far surpasses the original.  Unfortunately John Carpenter also made a few less than stellar films later in his career. I think he got burned out by the Hollywood system and decided to just retire. He began touring a few years ago to promote his music but I didn't get the chance to see him perform.

The article features a link to a great documentary on John Carpenter and his films. I've never seen it before - it's definitely worth a watch if you loved any of his films.

Burn the Ships


"Step into a new day
We can rise up from the dust and walk away
We can dance upon our heartache,
So light a match,
leave the past,
burn the ships
And don't you look back"

Remembering the SOPA Blackout from 8 Years Ago

Thanks Aaron.

APIs are not copyrightable

Catching up with the news - apparently Red Hat and IBM jointly filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court on the "Google vs. Oracle" case. The amicus brief argues (correctly) that APIs cannot be copyrighted. Oracle is claiming a copyright on Java APIs and Google is infringing on these copyrights. Problems started back when the the Android OS was initially developed. Google wrote its own version of Java for Android. Google's Java implementation used the same names, organization, and functionality as the standard Java APIs - this enabled Java developers to ramp up quickly on Android OS. I'd be surprised if Oracle won their case, especially since Oracle has their own implementation of Amazon's S3 API.
Oracle is the biggest law firm in silicon valley. Strangely, they seem to have a software side business.

John Evdemon

@davewiner Is there an RSS feed for the voicemailcast you and Doc are doing? Thanks!

John Evdemon

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

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Reply all is an anti-pattern

Looks like email armageddon is underway once again. Why people can't simply click "ignore" or create a rule to delete out of control company wide spam is beyond me.  My deleted folder is being filled with messages, most of which state "please remove me from this list" and "don't reply all".
At least my rules are working :)