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John Evdemon

Quick reminder to myself if my domain isn't resolving as I expect:

My site has been down for a few days. I couldn't figure out why - all the DNS zones looked fine yet the domain still wouldn't resolve.

My hoster (GoDaddy) apparently updated my nameservers without telling me. Once I corrected them to use Reclaim's nameservers everything started working again.

John Evdemon

Silence Unknown Callers on Android

1 min read

Apple announced a news IOS feature to Silence Unknown Callers. It seems like a useful easy to avoid robocalls. I wanted to do it on Android but I didn't want to install any privacy stealing apps.

Here's how you can Silence Unknown Callers on Android wiithout using and 3rd party apps:

Step 1: Turn on Do Not Disturb
Step 2: Define Do Not Disturb exceptions:

John Evdemon

Second Sunday in a row with no football. Time to cut this useless @DirecTV cord.